A Little Bit of This, and a Little Bit of That!


A classic table from one store and luxe upholstered chairs from another are striking just the right note for our young, new client furnishing her first apartment. When shopping for a new look or space, mix it up! Purchasing a matching set of furniture can feel a little "one-note" rather than curated. Ask if items you love on the floor come in other sizes. This table comes as a dining table, too! Perfect for our project!

Decorator Showcase House


Remember when I said color was coming back..? Well check this out! Recently, at the San Francisco Decorator Showcase House, attendees were treated to a striking combination of color. The palettes are daring, rich, and unabashed! The glossy blue room accented with gold reminds me of a nautical uniform. Hot pink is every girl’s favorite color at some point in time. And black was the perfect backdrop for this paper mache ball gown that paid homage to the house’s original time and cultural setting. How fun is that?!

Swank Nursery


No pastels for this little one! Rather we’re already outfitting his first apartment! A comfy reclining leather chair and ottoman is easy to wipe up spills – at any age, original artwork is both whimsy and striking, and storage side table keeps baby bottles and cloths close by, stores toys later on, and blanket throws for the sofa after that! Design with longevity in mind!

Remember this?


Now this is fun! Last fall we shared a blog post of Color, Pattern and Texture. And, drumroll please… here it is! Drape panels of whimsy in the Billiards Room! And a five-foot long ottoman atop the colorful 9x12 area rug! Perfect for waiting your turn, trays of snacks, or grand-kids sitting toboggan style for pictures! This is a party home for our party clients!